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PCSSD facing shortage of bus drivers, needs to hire at least 25

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JACKSONVILLE (KATV) - A shortage of drivers could spell out delays for students waiting to catch the bus in the Pulaski County Special Schools District.  Now PCSSD is launching a full-fledged effort to find at least 25 new bus drivers.

Instead of fixing and busses and answering phones at PCSSD's bus depot – the staff that works to maintain the busses that serve Jacksonville, Sherwood and outlying areas of Pulaski County are getting behind the wheel to get kids to school on time.

It's all because of a lack of bus drivers.

"Right now it's working, even though it's putting a cramp on our office staff and diesel mechanics," said Jamie Coleman, operations specialist with PCSSD transportation.

Coleman said, although all of their staff is CDL-certified, the district needs their mechanics and office staff doing what they normally do.

"We have approximately over 150 busses that run just out of this location alone," said Coleman.

Out of the 150 bus routes that operate out of the district's Jacksonville bus depot, 20 of those routes are unmanned all due to a large amount of retiring staff leaving open driver's seats on PCSSD busses.  It's left the district in a tough position.

"Eventually it could begin to start making out routes run late and this is why we're trying to take preventative measures," stated Coleman.

The district has launched a wide-spread effort to find qualified candidates.  A commercial driver's license, a clean record and a love of children is what Coleman said would make for a good applicant.  The flexible job starts at $13.80 an hour.

"We also offer all the regular benefits that everyone else in the district receives," said Coleman.  "Medical, vision, dental, life insurance, as well as retirement."

The district is seeking out long-term employees.  People who are at least 21 years of age with less than nine points on their motor vehicle report are eligible to apply.  Applications are taken Monday through Friday, from 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM at 1201 Dixon Road, Little Rock, behind Mills High School at the Transportation Training Department.  

You can also apply online for the job by clicking on the link provided in the "Associated Links" tab.