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Little Rock residents show up to claim towed cars from winter storm

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LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- Many of those who decided to abandon their cars Friday night returned to their vehicles missing, and Monday many found their cars at Little Rock's impound storage lot.

People showed up at the storage facility's office with proof of registration and insurance in their hands, but they probably didn't realize they needed to bring a stack of cash as well.

We followed Paul Beasley of Little Rock as he found his brother's car at the impound lot. Beasley said the car was left inside the Out In The Woods apartment complex off Kanis Road, where his brother lives.

"Which was out of the way, off the street because he couldn't get up the hills," Beasley said.

The City of Little Rock told Channel Seven that only vehicles blocking traffic, intersections or preventing emergency crews from doing work were towed.

"It's parking at your apartment complex, you shouldn't have to pay no money to get your car back. In this instance it shouldn't have gotten towed in the first place," Beasley believes, coming to the storage office because his brother was not able to get off work.

Along with Beasley, 25 others have to pay $220 for the tow service and fees, just to get their vehicles back.

Little Rock Public Works said it's not receiving any income from the charge, and that all the money from payments go to the towing company.

"You got to come out here and you have to pay. That's quite a bit of money you have to give out when, you know, a lot of people don't have it. That's the frustrating part about it," Beasley added.

If you think your car may be at that impound lot on Jamison Road in Little Rock, you can call (501) 918-4260.

You'll need to bring your driver's license, registration and of course the $220 to get it back.