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Number of Tulsa Homicides This Year Totals 66, Family of First Victim Speaks Out

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Tulsa Police said there have been 66 murders in 2013. Investigators said that is a rather large number, especially compared to last year.

"The drug industry seems to be a little more violent," said Sergeant Dave Walker in the Homicide Division. He said there have been more robberies associated with the drug trade, along with more shootings.

Walker said 2009 holds the record for the most homicides in Tulsa. There were 71 that year. Last year, there were 46. Tulsa reached that number in 2013 on September 9th.

Walker said there are still 16 open cases from this year. He said investigators will focus their energy on solving them in 2014. He encourages anyone with information to contact Tulsa Police.

Ronnie Stanley, 31, was the first murder victim of 2013. He died January 4th, when suspects reportedly approached and fatally shot him in north Tulsa. One of the injuries was to the back of his head. Investigators said it could have stemmed from a disagreement about money. Ronnie's family spoke with Channel 8 about the violence Tulsa has seen this year.

"They don't have any regards for the human life anymore," said Elva Stanley, Ronnie's mother. She said she believes Tulsa Police are doing what they can to keep streets safe but said parents need to raise young people to believe that violence is not the answer.

She said she last spoke to Ronnie by phone, when he asked her to call him when she returned from the grocery store. He wanted to carry her groceries inside and put them away for her.

 "And then I never seen him anymore," Stanley said.

The Stanley family said the next court appearance for the suspects in the case is in February.

Tulsa Police said the number of homicides for 2013 could reach 67, because the medical examiner will likely rule on a March case soon.
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