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Man pleads for assistance after home destroyed by fire on Christmas

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(KATV) A Bauxite family was unable to cook their Christmas dinner because the turkey fryer set the home on fire. The homeowner says the fire was not caused by user error.    

Bobby Gamble recently used his saving to pay for the mobile home in full, planning for retirement. The first Christmas there turned into a nightmare. He wants to be able to move back and make better memories.

Christmas day, the Gamble house was filled with family. Bobby stayed outside with a friend, watching the temperatures on the fryer. He found it out it stayed below 300 degrees. They never put the turkey in. "The thermometer was definitely defective. It was showing close to 300 and then all the sudden it blazed up. It is a brand new, out of the box fryer."

The flames reached the ceiling of the outdoor porch and he screamed for everyone to run outside. "It did start spewing over and blazing. It went over to the house and then caught the siding on fire."

Injured, gamble grabbed a water hose, a ladder and got on the roof before fire fighters arrived. "It took about every fire department in Saline County out here and a water truck to fill the trucks back up to get it out."

The back half of the home is destroyed. Gamble has burns to his face and hands but he is still able to laugh. "I'll never fry another turkey or use a deep fry the rest of my life. It will be cooked in the oven or smoker."

He says the outpouring of help from fire fighters the Red Cross and Sally's Body Shop for a temporary camper has been overwhelming but he is in need of more assistance. Tears running down his face, Gamble says, "It would really be greatly appreciated, it would be a blessing."

Sally's Body Shop is allowing the Gamble family to keep the camper on their property for a month.

Gamble doesn't have insurance. A friend set up a bank account under the name Bobby Gamble at Metropolitan Bank.