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Half of Mega Millions ticket sales go toward AR Scholarship Lottery

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** At least one Mega Millions winning ticket was sold in San Jose, California, according to ABC News **

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)--If no one wins tonight, based on sale numbers, the jackpot will be more than $1 Billion by Friday, that's according to the Arkansas Lottery Commission.

While more sales mean more money boosting the jackpot, another benefit to buying more tickets; it's pumping more money into the state's scholarship lottery.

Half of Mega Millions ticket sales go toward the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery.

"I love Arkansas Mega ticket yeah," Virgie Harris sings with joy, as she purchased her Mega Millions ticket in hopes of winning Tuesday night's $636 Million jackpot.

While the odds of winning are better in other states such as Illinois, New York and Georgia. Half of what Harris' spent on her ticket in Arkansas will fund the state's scholarship lottery.

"I totally support that, that's why I always buy tickets because I want to support because my children are going to college one day," said Harris.

Since spring 2010, around 30,000 scholarships have been awarded yearly to the tune of more than $382 Million helping high school students pay for college.

"The number of students who have applied and been approved has increased exponentially in the last four years, the enrollment at public universities and private universities has increased," said Director of Arkansas Lottery Commission, Bishop Woosley.

"It's great, I think any help we can give children is phenomenal," said ticker buyer Virginia Ford.