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State Police Remove Wrecking Service for Alleged Violation

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Bob Harris was heading home from a funeral when he noticed his car was running hot and giving him a lot of trouble. Rather than risk more damage, Harris decided to leave his Lincoln on the side of the road.

"Monday evening I came back and had my friend drive me, and the car wasn't there. I couldn't believe it," said Harris.

State Police had his car towed by GT Wrecker Service, a company on the approved wrecker rotation list. When Harris called to get the car back, he was surprised by the cost.

"It was $265 or $261, and he proceeded to tell me that $150 of that went straight to the state police," said Harris.

That $150 dollar fee doesn't exist. State police get no money from wrecking companies for tows off the highway. Harris complained to state police who responded by sending a letter to GT Wrecker Service. After citing a previous violation, state police permanently removed the company from rotation.

KATV stopped by GT Wrecker Service to get an explanation. Though unable to talk on camera, the owner says this is all a big misunderstanding. He says his employee told Harris the fee was standard for state police tows, not that the money went to state police. GT Wrecker Service reduced the charge to Harris and plans to appeal the state police decision. The owner says Harris, in fact, owed more than he was charged based on the number of days the vehicle was stored on the property.