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We have updated information tonight on two stories involving A-B-C's.

On Monday we shared a story involving Arkansas Baptist College. and yesterday we told you about a minivan sold to ABC salvage. we have developments to share on both fronts.

KATV received an email detailing problems on the campus of Arkansas Baptist College. This followed a press release from the college that shared how faculty members haven't been paid since October 31st.

The email detailed further problems and was sent by Faculty Senate President Diann Parker.

Or was it?

The next day we received a second email from the college with a short statement attached...also said to be authored by Ms. Parker.

It reads "I am writing to state that I did not authorize, write or release any information to the local news media or any other entities, as was reported on December 9th, 2013."

Channel 7 has been unable to contact Ms. Parker or anyone else with the college to ask questions about either email.

Our other update involves a 2000 minivan owned by Cassandra Grider and sold for scrap to ABC Salvage.

Wednesday morning Little Rock police put a "do not destroy" hold on the vehicle to allow them more time to investigate the history of the situation.

While Ms. Grider says her vehicle was stolen during a lengthy hospitalization, her landlord considered it abandoned after her eviction.

But Grider says she was never evicted.

Arkansas statute says if a lease is terminated and property is left behind, it becomes the property of the landlord (ACA 18-16-108). If that occurred then ABC Salvage has a right to the minivan.

Owner Danny Harris says he will now take $300...rather than $600...for it. But it doesn't run anymore. One reason is the fuel tank was removed.

Air date: December 11th, 2013