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Baby Animals at the Little Rock Zoo

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(KATV) It's the circle of life. The Little Rock Zoo experienced two animal deaths this year of Jewell the elephant and Navasha the Rhino. But now they have something to celebrate: baby animals are everywhere.

"She's like any other young penguin. She's kind of feisty," said Stephanie Hollister, Penguin Keeper at the Little Rock Zoo.

Channel 7 News visited 7 week old Bugsy on Wednesday who was just separated today from her parents so that she can mature.

"We did pull her from her parents today to teach her how to eat whole fish from us," said Hollister.

The zoo also has six new baby Capybaras. But the biggest stars of all are the four baby tiger cubs born November 12th.

"They're cute little fluff balls," said Kate Barszczowski, Carnivore Keeper at the Little Rock Zoo.

The cubs are staying so close to their mother, not even a veterinarian has seen them.

They'll be getting their first check up in a couple of weeks and that's when the zoo will find out the sex of the babies.

"They're definitely showing some attitude. Just like their mom can be a little aggressive, a little spunky. They're already hissing and spitting and when you watch them on the video monitor you can see them playing and wrestling around," Barszczowski said.

The cubs are watched closely every day on a video monitor. It will be months before the baby cubs are out on display, but no doubt, they'll be the biggest hit of the spring.