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Exclusive: Mother of Chris Davis, former teachers say cornerback is quiet and focused

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There's no denying Janice Brown of North Birmingham is a proud mother. 

" I don't know what to do lord," said Brown with tears streaming down her face. 

Brown, a mother of four, continues to be overwhelmed with emotion.  Her son, Chris Davis, scored the game winning touchdown that helped Auburn rise above Alabama in Saturday's Iron Bowl. 

"When he caught the ball, he looked like he was saying, 'Mama I'm about to bring it home," explained Brown. 

The single mother said raising children alone wasn't easy. She had to make difficult sacrifices, some of which were harder than others.  Seeing Davis make the game winning touchdown, she realized her choices weren't made in vain. 

"Words can't explain what's it like being a single parent with my kids.  Its been rough," said Brown. 

Davis' former high school football coach, Bruce Breland, said the football star was quiet and keenly focused. 

"He was always a great competitor...never pointed his fingers at other players. He took a lot of things on his shoulders as far as winning," said Breland.  

"He wasn't going to do a lot of talking now. If you expected that that wasn't going to happen," said Vanessa Jones, a former instructor of Davis. 

Davis aspires to play professional football.  Brown said she wholeheartedly supports her son's decision. She just hopes he'll continue to grown and learn in the process. 


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