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Tree crews work year round to prepare for potential winter weather

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Winter weather may be on its way and power companies are getting ready.

More than 260,000 homes and businesses lost power in last year's December storm.

Entergy takes measures all year to try to reduce damage from any future storms.

One of the biggest risks to power during a winter storm is ice on the trees which can make them bend or snap hitting power lines.

"Entergy hires us to try to prevent and eliminate as many outages as possible," said Dallas Stewart with West Tree Service, one of the companies working for Entergy.

With another round of winter weather approaching the tree trimming crews are a welcome sight.

"The majority of the statements we get is we're glad to see y'all," Stewart said.

Entergy spokesperson Sally Graham said last year, they trimmed 6,520 miles of power lines in Arkansas. The company spends between $18 and $20 million on vegetation management annually. 

It takes four years to trim the full area served by Entergy with the crews working all year to make sure when the ice comes, trees will be off the lines.

"We work one area here, soon as we finish here we're going to start another area and it just takes all year," Stewart said.