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Helpful tips for successful Black Friday shopping

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LITTLE ROCK (KATV) – Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks and be with family and friends, but if you must take advantage of Black Friday deals, here are some helpful tips on how to have a successful shopping experience:

  1. Strategize to maximize – Always have a plan! Take an opportunity to write down items you want and map out sales. Get the maximum amount of items at one store; you only want to conquer the crowd once!
  2. Charge your phone & grab HEALTHY snacks (water, baby carrots, etc.) – As you are waiting in those long lines you may get bored and want to munch. The average American eats over 4000 calories on Thanksgiving, so grab raw veggies. They travel well and can be less than even 25 calories.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes – Although you want to dress to impress for those friends and relatives you have not seen in awhile, change into flats. It's hard to stand in long lines or run in heels!
  4. Team work WORKS! Five teams of two! – You will need teams to stand in various different lines and people to collect additional sale items. 
  5. Arrive as early as possible & park under lights – It may be light when you arrive, but dark when you leave. There is safety in numbers as you take items to your car (another reason to have teams), and your vehicle will be well lit, deterring conflict.
  6. Get your tickets. Look for balloons. – Walmart will not issue you their hourly event items without a ticket, even if you stand in line!
  7. Grab a ticket EACH. You never know who will need it. – You may only need one ticket, but a family member or friend may call and ask if you grabbed an extra. The item may be sold out at another location.
  8. Do not leave your basket unattended! – People will take your hot items!
  9. Think BEFORE you dive into madness! – For example, before you jump into the dog pile of 700 thread count sheets, do you really need the powder blue sheets when your décor is red? Avoid mishaps.
  10. Clothes are last! – Get those specialty price saving electronics first then shop for retail discounts. Most stores will have electronics on sale on Thanksgiving. Go home and sleep afterwards. Retailers will still have great savings and discounts around 6 or 7am. The midnight madness will have died down at the mall and stores will still have plenty of product!

For the full ad of Wal-Mart Black Friday sales click here. Be safe and have a wonderful holiday!