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City Moves Forward on River Water Initiative

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As initiatives go, getting water in the river is not a new one.

"This is a report that was put together by the planning commission in 1965," said Tulsa city councilor GT Bynum.

Fast forward to today, and the newest initiative to get it done.

"Gotta have a plan and a plan of attack of how we want to move forward," said Tulsa city councilor David Patrick.

Hence the creation of the River Infrastructure Task Force.

"There isn't anyone in Tulsa, I don't think, that wouldn't want the river to get developed," said councilor Moore.

Also on the task force..."Mayor's office will be involved," said Mayor Dewey Bartlett, reinforcing the economic boom that could come from a developed river.

"The river has 11 miles of river through our city and two sides, that's 22 miles of bank and that's a lot of area that can be utilized for a variety of purposes," he said.

A new take on an old problem. How to get water in the river.

"And you can see where they're proposing dams in this, generally it's the exact same places where we are still talking about today," said councilor Bynum.

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