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New Pankey police substation may be leased by the wrong people

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LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - The Little Rock board of directors voted 9-1 on Tuesday night to secure a new police substation to be built inside the vacant Josephine Pankey Education Center, but some Pankey residents are concerned the vote wasn't being done by the books.

Roberta & Barbara Douglas spoke up at Tuesday's city director's meeting saying they oppose the new police substation, not because they don't support a substation being built in their neighborhood but because it's being done through improper channels.

"We welcome the project," said Roberta Douglas.  "We just want to make sure that it's done right and it's done with all of the voices of the community being heard and not allowing one family to speak for all of us."

Douglas believes the lease agreement that would put LRPD into the Pankey Education Center for 25 years is being discussed with the wrong people.  She claims it was her mother and grandmother that helped to co-find the Pankey Community Improvement Association, Inc. that is entering into said lease agreement.

According to Douglas, the current leadership of the Pankey Community Improvement Association fraudulently put themselves in that position by listing themselves on documents filed with the Secretary of State's office.  Tom Carpenter, city attorney for Little Rock, said because they are listed as such it appears the city is dealing with the right people.

"Six different filings with the Secretary of State's office show that the people with whom we're contracting for the lease agreement are the people who are the officers of the corporation," said Carpenter at Tuesday night's director's meeting.

But Douglas is convinced not all the "I's" are dotted and "T's" are crossed in this situation and because of that she believes Pankey community members are being left out of the decision making process.  Douglas said the board's decision was made in haste.

"I've never had an attorney ever tell me sign something and then we'll go back and fix what you signed," said Douglas.

Douglas now says she and her mother Barbara are seeking legal recourse to rectify Tuesday night's decision.