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Firefighter harassment case a possible cover-up?

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ALEXANDER (KATV) - Firefighter Greg Maynard was booked and then released on bond Monday evening on charges that he harassed another Alexander firefighter, but details of the alleged event are unknown – even by the small city's police chief.

The alleged incident was only uncovered when KATV used the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act to ascertain the incident report filed with the Alexander Police Department.  Although Chief Horace Walters was aware of an investigation into the matter he said he wasn't the one that conducted it.

"It was handled while I was off on vacation," said Walters.  "It is a fact that I don't have the information on this incident."

In fact the incident report that mentions Greg Maynard was indeed signed off by Asst. Chief Derrick Jackson, and the report that was filed is extremely vague.  The report mentions only that Alexander Fire Asst. Chief Tim Blankenship was told about the harassment by several employees, he made a police report on the matter, and that Asst. Chief Jackson would investigate the matter. 

The report filed back on October 24th mentioned nothing about what actually happened that day and Chief Walters insinuated that only Jackson and the mayor actually know.

"I can only refer you to the mayor, Mayor Hobbs and the fire department," said Walters when asked about the details of the incident.

Chief Walters and Mayor Michelle Hobbs strained relationship was very evident at Monday night's city council meeting.  At the meeting, Walters claimed the mayor is controlling his police department.  When asked by a city council member if he felt like he was in charge of his department he responded, "No I do not."