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LRSD & Joshua Intervenors on board with proposed deseg settlement

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PULASKI COUNTY (KATV)--The Little Rock School District and the Joshua Intervenors are now on board with a proposed agreement to end payments the state makes to boost desegregation efforts.

The board voted unanimously to go forward with or without the Joshua Intervenors.

However, it took a resolution to be passed, before Joshua agreed to this settlement.

Tonight's board meeting did get heated before a decision was made.

The Attorney for the Intervenors, State Rep. John Walker, asked to speak before the board voted, but since this was a special meeting a unanimous vote was needed to allow him to speak; that motion failed because one board member denied it.

The board then had to continue and vote on the matter at hand, which was if the board should move forward with the proposed settlement with or without the Joshua Intervenors.

"We can complete this settlement, and we will be able to be free for a new day in the district and not be tangled up in the courts like we have for so many years," said LRSD Board President Greg Adams.

Part of the settlement includes continued payments from the state through the school year 2017-2018.

$37.3 Million must be allocated toward facilities funding.

Prior to the board approving the settlement, they passed a resolution to commit to a facilities study, find out which schools are top priority and also focus on helping schools in southwest Little Rock.

It was this resolution that made the Joshua Intervenors jump on board.

"It would have been unnecessary for them to even gone into the vote, to have a discussion for me, all I was going to do was say; hey we reached agreement since you all have agreed to do these things and that's it," said Attorney for the Joshua Intervenors, State Rep. John Walker.

Now, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel can proceed with this deal.

As all three school districts are in: Little Rock, North Little Rock and the Pulaski County Special School District to approve the proposed settlement and avoid heading to court.

McDaniel released a statement after tonight's agreement saying:

"This is a historic milestone decades in the making. With this agreement, the state and the three Pulaski County school districts can move forward to focus on the best interests of the students, rather than on costly, burdensome litigation."

He went on to say, he looks forward to presenting the agreement to the court very soon.