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Battle of the Ravine Prepping

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ARKADELPHIA (KATV)--Thousands of football fans have been looking forward to this all year and tomorrow it's here!

The Battle of the Ravine in Arkadelphia takes place Saturday, where the Henderson State Reddies and rival Ouachita Baptist Tigers face-off.

Not wasting any time, the Reddies are getting ready to take on their biggest rivals the Tigers, but it's not just the long history the two share that makes this rivalry unique... it's the distance they have to travel, right across the street.

"For me it's a big deal because like we haven't beat them ever since I've been here, I mean it's the team across the street, everyone wants bragging rights on being the best team in Arkadelphia," said Tigers Running Back Christian Rycraw.

More fans in the stands than the entire population of Arkadelphia are expected to cheer these two teams on.

"Battle of the Ravine has been going on for over 100 years the longest rivalry in the division 2 level," said Reddies Coach Scott Maxfield.

"Tension has been building all week, both schools are just right across the street from each other, been a lot of trash talking going on so that makes it even more exciting," added Reddies Quarterback Kevin Rodgers.

And it goes without saying; pranking each other has also become a tradition.

"We've kidnapped their homecoming queen and stolen their Tiger, things like that in the past, but they've done something to us also, but hopefully it's all in fun and nobody gets in trouble," added Maxfield.

"The different things going on campus, guarding the Tiger, guarding the Fountain on Henderson State's campus, all those kind of things are fun for students and administration staff, but our job is to play the game," said Tigers Coach Todd Knight.

Kickoff is at 2 p.m. Saturday on the Tigers' turf.

The Reddies are sitting with a 10-0 record, while the Tigers are 7-2 tied up with Harding.