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Sherwood students help feed classmates for Thanksgiving

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(KATV) Sherwood - With Thanksgiving just around the corner, for some kids the vacation away from school means they will be hungry. That's why kids at William Jefferson Clinton Elementary collect food for their classmates.

The Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD) has Home and School Consultants. They help fill that gap for needy students but could not believe how much food kids helped collected this year.

Erika Mitchell has a ‘uniform closet'; everyday kids go to her needing shoes, coats, toiletries and after school snacks. She explains, "The majority of their meals are breakfast and lunch here at the school. So we try to help out with that at home."

Mitchell is the PCSSD Home and School consultant for the school. She says, "This year we had more children identified as homeless in our system." There are about 800 Pre-K through 5th graders there. Last year students and staff made food boxes for 200 of the student's. Each box contains ingredients for a full Thanksgiving meal, but this year they needed more. She proudly announces, "We have exceeded our goal. We will feed more than 300 families for Thanksgiving."

Fifth grader, Syann Tenpenny, 10, went above and beyond. For two weeks she stood outside grocery stores asking for donations. Mitchell smiles, "This is the first time this has ever happened. She got 1,914 can good all by herself."

Syann says she can't imagine not knowing where her next meal is coming from and it is the least she could do. She says, "I want to bless people."

It's people like Erika Mitchell and Syann Tenpenny that the Spirit of Arkansas is all about.

Syann single-handedly won the pizza party for her class.

Staff will begin handing out food boxes on Monday.

Clinton Elementary also has an angle tree at the school. Every angel is a student that needs a gift for Christmas.