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AG McDaniel sets strict deadline or desegregation deal is off

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LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- Even though three central Arkansas school districts approved a desegregation funding settlement with the state, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel is setting a new deadline.

McDaniel said he needs to know within the next few days if the Little Rock School District stands with the state's settlement or will wait on a decision by a group of parents suing the district.

Thursday we reported a settlement was reached, and all three school boards approved it, but nothing is set in stone. Friday McDaniel set a deadline for Tuesday at midnight to receive a commitment from LRSD, or this deal is off.

"I think it's apparent Joshua (Intervenors) is not, and I don't see any reason to believe that they will be, so what I need is for Little Rock School District to authorize their lawyer to go on whether he is in it or not," McDaniel said to a subcommittee on desegregation litigation, Friday.

He's speaking about the motion made by Little Rock School Board to go forward in the settlement even if the "Joshua Intervenors," are not on board. The board offered up a motion, but decided to take no action.

"It's simply they've been silent on that point, and they need to speak to it. If they want to give Joshua (Intervenors) veto power over what they do, then that's their decision. I hope they will join with us whether he does or not," McDaniel added.

A timetable is important because the settlement must be signed by Governor Mike Beebe before it can be filed in federal court. However, Beebe has said he will not sign off on a settlement if it impacts the December 9 court date.

"They've got two options: they can vote to go with the other districts in the state, or they can vote to go with Joshua," McDaniel made it clear to reporters after the subcommittee meeting.

McDaniel said if this goes to court, the districts have the most to lose because future funding could be over.

Little rock School District spokesperson Pam Smith told Channel 7 Friday that a special-called board meeting is set for Monday at 7:30 pm to address the deadline.