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Police: there's no serial killer in Little Rock

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LITTLE ROCK – Despite a popular Facebook "News Flash" that has been making the rounds, warning "black women be very careful", and telling an urban-legend-type tale of seven women being found dead and dumped around the city – Police say there's no "serial killer" in the city of Little Rock. 

You may have seen the warning.  It's even surfaced on some KATV social media websites.  It names a specific location in town where one body was supposedly dumped, and cites a funeral director by name as saying it's true, and that it hasn't been reported on the news.

For the record, Little Rock Police Public Information Officer Lt. Sidney Allen says, " The city of Little Rock has had 30 homicides this year.  Eleven (11) of those homicides are active investigations.  Only one (1) of those eleven involved a black female that was found outside.  There is no empirical data that suggests there is a serial killer in the city of Little Rock.