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Organization wants Pine Bluff Clubs to close before 5:30 a.m.

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(KATV) In August, Pine Bluff city council members voted to keep night clubs open until 5:30 rather than starting last call at 1 a.m. and shutting the doors at 2. Sunday, a Justice of the Peace was shot in the face at a club. Now an organization against violence wants the ordinance brought up for another vote.

Friends of 34-year old Lloyd Franklin say he will recover from his injuries. Franklin was reportedly trying to stop a fight that started in the club, he got the individuals outside but then ran back covered in blood.

No signage, most the doors and windows are covered with boards like the neighboring businesses on 4th street in downtown.  From a glass door you can see it is not abandoned, there is a DJ table, recently used alcohol bottles and cups.

It is the night club where Justice of the Peace Lloyd Franklin spent his Saturday, early Sunday. Rev. Jessie Turner says, "If council members continue to say 'let's keep the clubs open late hours', I think that is going to contribute to this."

Jessie Turner is with ICVR, an organization focused on preventing violence. He knows Justice of the Peace, Lloyd Franklin's stance to keep night clubs open late so people will have a place to party. "It is just a sad situation but if the people were gone at 1 or 2, he would not have gotten shot," Turner explains.

At about 2 a.m. Sunday, witnesses heard roughly 25 shots outside the building. Pine Bluff officers found Franklin by following the blood trail. He was shot in the face. Turner says it's time to for council members to revisit the ordinance. "I think the blood is on their hands at this time for the person who was actually shot whether he was trying to prevent a fight."

No suspects have been arrested. Police are still working to determine if 23 year old Antonio Jenkins death is connected to the shooting. He was found dead at home hours after the club shooting. Friends told police he did go to a party early that morning.