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UPDATE: Arkansas pilot found dead at crash scene

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HEBER SPRINGS (KATV) -- The search for a 71-year-old pilot from Heber Springs ended in Okla. Thursday when he was found dead inside his crashed plane.

Ray Broadbent was on his way to Elk City, Okla. from Searcy, but never made it there.

According to his family Broadbent has flown planes since he was 19, but his most recent trip Monday ended as his final flight when search crews found his body at the crash site.

"You know shock, anytime there's a possible accident you're in somewhat shock about that, and still am," said Heber Springs Municipal Airport Manager, Charles Evans.

Evans told us Thursday that Broadbent often flew his planes out of Heber Springs, but because of runway construction the airport is currently closed.

Broadbent was instead choosing a different route taking off from Searcy's airport, while his plane was later found about 200 miles away in Le Flore County, Okla.

It took about three days for Okla. search units to find Broadbent's plane. They tried to get a signal from his cell phone, but it was inactive. Evans tells me a box inside the plane should've worked to find him much sooner.

"The aircrafts are required to have, what we call an ELT, an emergency locater transmitter. In the event of an impact that transmitter starts broadcasting on the international distress frequency," Evans said.

"It would continue to do that as long as the battery had strength to transmit and usually that would be several days."

Finding Broadbent had been a highly talked about concern in Heber Springs. The airport said it has fielded several calls from people looking for updates, or asking if there was anything new on his whereabouts.