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Guardrail Amputates Man's Leg During Crash

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A man had his leg amputated by a guardrail early Thursday morning when he lost control of his car.

Tulsa Police tell us the driver was going west on the Broken Arrow Expressway near 15th Street.  He lost control of his car and went up on the guardrail in the fast lane.  His car came off that guardrail and spun around hitting the steel guardrail on the outer side.  A piece of that broke off and pierced the car, severing his leg.

EMSA took the victim to the hospital.  Authorities say he lost one leg and doctors are trying to save the other.

Officers warn drivers to always be careful on the roads.  "Just because the road is open they tend to speed a little more because they think they got the freedom.  You still got to be careful.  Driving is a privilege and it can be dangerous if you're not doing the right thing," Cpl. Jerrod Hart said.

Police are still investigating how fast the driver was going and if alcohol played a factor.

That area of the Broke Arrow Expressway is back open.

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