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Tulsa Crews Near Finish Line in Storm Debris Removal

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Debris Map as of Thursday Morning Debris Map as of Thursday Morning

Tulsa officials announced Thursday that storm debris removal would be completed after more than eight weeks of cleanup efforts.

It's an effort that began back on July 29 after a powerful windstorm hit the Tulsa area leaving several residents without power and approximately 200 square miles of tree and storm debris. And on Thursday cleanup crews were slated to remove the final pile just north of midtown.

Earlier this week, city officials sent out a release stating that debris clean up would be complete by the end of this week. At the time of the release, cleanup efforts were at 98 percent complete.

"Crews have been working six days a week and 10-hour days to complete one pass through each neighborhood," the release went on to state. "The special debris operation costs the city approximately $133,000, which was in overtime costs."


And out of the $133,000, only $64,000 was used from the general fund. That leaves more than $70,000 for any costs that may occur during the winter season, according to the statement from the City of Tulsa.

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