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Former Congressmen Raise Funds for Buffalo River Lawsuit

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There was a fundraiser in Little Rock Thursday to raise money for the lawsuit filed by four Arkansas organizations attempting to block a hog farm near the Buffalo River. The fundraiser was hosted at former Democratic congressman Vic Snyder's home.

The lawsuit is against the U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency and the U.S. Small Business Administration for guaranteeing a federal loan C&H Hog Farms. The hog farm, which can house 6,500 pigs is located on a major tributary on the Buffalo River.

Last week Governor Mike Beebe asked for $340,510 from a rainy day fund to go toward monitoring pollution at the site. A subcommittee of the legislature approved it. The pollution research will be conducted by the University of Arkansas.

Former congressman Ed Bethune told KATV he didn't the funds for pollution research would do anything.

"What's that going do for us? Oh I guess if we monitor it, then we'll be the first to know when the hog doings' get in the Buffalo, right? Then we'll have to be the ones to go out and tell the world, ‘Hey the Buffalo River, the crown jewel of Arkansas is contaminated," Bethune said.

KATV reached out to the hog farm's contractor, Cargill, but they did not return calls for comment.