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Tree Debris Removal Continues One Month After The Storm

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Today marks one month since the windstorm, that left piles of tree debris all over Tulsa. Some residents are complaining about stacks of debris starting to smell bad. Workers say it's only temporary.

We caught up with one crew of workers, scooping up limbs, in midtown Tulsa today. They have have been working 6 mandatory days, with ten hour shifts. That is a 60-hour work week.

So far they have reportedly reached about 60-percent of the effected areas. But the worst part has been saved for the end, to give residents time to pull limbs to their curb.

But the Mayor's Action Line has received complaints that some residents are piling on extra work, for crews.

"We are also finding that people are still cleaning up their back yard or cutting up trees that didn't have anything to do with the storm damage," said Tim McCorkle of the City of Tulsa.

The debris pickup is taking workers away from other jobs, like filling potholes.  Right now, street crews are only taking care of street emergencies.

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