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Bryant police reward residents with free ice cream

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(KATV) A challenge issued to the City of Bryant is accomplished and Wednesday night the police department kept their promise.

Mayor Jill Dabbs says, "There's not a mayor in the state of Arkansas more proud of their police department. They do a great job serving and protecting us and they've taken it to another level."

The City of Bryant went accident-free between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. this pass Sunday. Chief Mark Kizer with the Bryant Police department issued the challenge on Facebook,  not expecting it to happen but it did and so the residents of Bryant were treated to ice cream at sonic Wednesday night.

Chief Kizer says a lot of time goes into working accidents so it helped his staff for residents to be a little safer. He explains, "An officer will spend an hour to an hour and a half on an accident and there are some days we've had up to 20 accidents a day. When I have 5 officers working during the day, which takes up a lot of time and actually those reports roll over to the next day."

In one hour alone 120 ice cream cones were served, but they're taking guesses on their Facebook page on how many total were handed out in the three hours.

 Bryant Police Department facebook page.