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Bartlesville Man Claims Police Used Excessive Force

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His family called the police to help him, never imagining that they would possibly hurt him.

"They didn't need to do that to me like that," said James Magers Sr.

10 days ago he was helping a friend recover some tools when an argument broke out with a third man. That's when the cops were called and the trouble for James really started.

"They slam me down to the ground," he said.

He was arrested for his pocket knife, or as police call it, carrying an offensive weapon.

"I told them I have a pocket knife, a small one in my pocket, which I pulled out and handed it to them," he said.

At this point, it's important to note what happened about two weeks before this incident, when police were also in James' neighborhood and he told them to watch their step in his yard to avoid the dog poop.

"He looks at me says now Mr. Magers you don't walk through dog sh*t as you go to the police station," said James.

To which James responded...

"I said kiss my a@@, these two say, 'Oh that's how you're going to play it,' and that's when they threw me so hard up against the car, it dented the door of the car with my knee," he said.

During all of this, James says, he was already handcuffed.

"Now watch what he does, he comes right over here to me, starts kicking on me. See him? Kick, kick, kick," he said.

"Right now they got the tazer on me, just arr, arr, arr," he said.

"Now they pull me up by the hair of my head," he said.

"I mean look at it, this ain't no chunk of hair this is, I mean this is a tuft of he pulled out, and he pulled out of it right out," he said.

"Officers have filled out use of force forms," said Captain Jay Hastings of the Bartlesville police department.

Bartlesville police say James did some damage of his own.

"During that altercation I think he kicked one of our officers in the knee," said Hastings.

"They said I kicked one of them, there's no way I could have kicked anyone," said Magers.

When he was booked into the jail James says he asked for medical attention, sure that his leg was broken from being slammed into the car. The nurse he says, was less than sympathetic.

"She said, 'I cannot do nothing for you, and I will not do nothing to you, you hurt my officer,'" said James.

"The nurse said he was fine, he didn't need any medical treatment," said Hastings.

And yet, three days later when he got out, his doctor reports said fracture.

"They wouldn't believe me about my leg being broke, they was saying, 'Nah, your leg ain't broke, if it was you wouldn't be standing on it,'" he said.

Now, he's exploring whether he has a legal leg to stand for a possible lawsuit.

"They didn't need to do that to me like that," he said.

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