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Jim Harris: Cedric Cobbs to Make Pro Boxing Debut

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Cedric Cobbs is still searching for his place in the professional sports world.

The former Arkansas Razorback running back star of the early 2000s, who spent a short time in NFL as New England Patriots draft pick and as a Denver Broncos free-agent signee, tried a comeback of sorts in football a few summers back when he had a brief stint with the indoor football Arkansas Twisters. Many folks didn’t know that the charismatic Cobbs also pursued another interest for a while: acting.

Count us among those didn’t see this latest venture coming, though.

The 32-year-old Cedric Cobbs, who appears to have worked himself back into the physical stature he commanded as a UA running back, will step into the professional boxing ring for the first time on Saturday in a Memphis suburb.


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