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Local Community Hits it Big with a New Restaurant

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A local community has hit it big as their first big restaurant has opened up. Verdigris is a community of more than 4,000, and this is big news that a Sonic has opened it's doors.

"We came on day one. So, we are all about it," Cindy Munden said.

Munden had a car full of girls getting their second treat from Sonic and she said this is great for the community because now she doesn't have to drive to Claremore to get something to eat. For the mayor, this is big financial news.

"Ninety-plus percent of our operating budget and we don't have a lot of retail here, so when we get a place like this it's a large impact to our community," Verdigris Mayor Keith Crawford said.

The town wants to be able to build sidewalks and have road improvements done, Crawford said with the extra sales tax coming in will help them reach that goal.

Verdigris Sonic owner Kenneth Smith said this Sonic has a new design which gives them two drive through lanes and a new layout inside, which means you will get your food 30-50% faster than any other Sonic.

There are 58 employees and Smith said finding the right location is key.

"Being by a stop light is a huge plus it slows down traffic so we were able to get the perfect lot," Smith said.

Munden said she hopes this will bring other businesses to the area.

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