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Lifestyle Changes Could Increase Men's Fitness Naturally

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Ladies are your husbands or boyfriends a little thicker around the middle than they should be these days?

Well, it may not be entirely their fault.

Two health and fitness experts says our modern lifestyles could be hurting their natural hormones and fitness.

So they've combined a lot of ideas, in an effort to reverse that trend.     

The book Man 2.0 Engineering The Alpha is based on life style changes.

Co-author John Romaniello says the can teach men to increase their testosterone levels naturally.

They promote a low-carb high-fat diet that includes things men like.

Such as steak, bacon and eggs.

He says  more fat intake leads to more testosterone.

His partner Adam Bornstein adds that something as simple as getting enough sleep can make a huge difference.

Bornstein says Australian researchers have determined that getting less than 6-hours of sleep a night, can cut testosterone production by as much as 15%.

Plus, The lack sleep can also make you more hungry and end up eating the wrong foods.

Their book also promotes intermittent fasting from a few hours to as much as a day and a half.

They say that with a little effort, you can create a natural lifestyle that will help your body improve, in a natural way.

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