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Pay It Forward: Group Gathers for Random Acts of Kindness

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A group of people, many of them strangers, gathered Sunday to carry out another random act of kindness.

Sharon Kolker founded "Pay It Forward" about a year and a half ago. It involves a meeting once a month, where anyone can gather to help. Each person generally contributes $10 and then they decide how they would like to spend the money to make a difference in the community.

"We're very spontaneous about what we do," Kolker said.

The group usually draws between 10 and 20 people each meeting. Pay It Forward has helped at nursing homes, handed out gas gift cards, given blankets during the cold, and more.

Given Sunday's exhausting heat, the group decided to purchase cold water bottles, t-shirts, and hats to share with homeless people and others struggling in downtown Tulsa.

"It's really hard to find people like this sometimes," said one of the recipients.

"It's nourishing to me. It's my monthly fill-up. It's my favorite, by far, monthly activity," said volunteer Todd Morris.

Each random act of kindness is performed on a walk-in basis. Organizers said everyone is welcome. To learn more information for future opportunities, you may visit the group's website.

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