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Firework Rules for Local Communities

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The tents are up and several firework stands are open for business. But several local cities have strict rules on when you can shoot off your fireworks or if you can shoot them off at all.

In communities like Sand Springs, Jenks, and Broken Arrow you can buy a 20 dollar permit to light fireworks around the 4th of July holiday. For companies like Big Blast Fireworks Sand Springs Super Store that have been in business for the past 27 years, it's about firework safety.

"The number one instruction is do not hold them in your hand. A lot of injuries we see is from burns to the hand or the arms," managing partner of Big Blast Fireworks Melissa Torkleson said.

In Sand Springs, you must post the permit and have the receipt attached to be able to shoot fireworks. The city only takes cash.

"Part of the money that is raised is actually to put a few more officers on the streets so they can be on patrol," Sand Springs Deputy Fire Chief Justin Hall said.

Last year, Sand Springs Fire Department responded to six grass fires because of fireworks. Hall said even with the permit, you are responsible for any fire that your fireworks start and it could be a big fine. But your injuries after getting hit with a firework could be way worse.

"Once they impact the body they can spread and continue to burn the body. So, it's very easy for that to be a third degree burn where they would need to go to a burn center," Hall said.

Other tips Torkleson said watch your children when they are using sparklers that they don't get any embers on other. Also, know your audience and have adult supervision.

"You always want to allow at least a 15 minute period after your fireworks have been shot off allowing them to cool you never want to lean over a firework after it's been ignited or shot off," Torkleson said.

Also, keep a bucket of water near incase of an emergency.

Both Sand Springs and Broken Arrow give all residents who buy a permit a list of safety tips. Broken Arrow sold 1,500 permits last year and Sand Springs sold 281.

You can not buy or sell fireworks within city limits of Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, Tulsa or Owasso. You also can't shoot off fireworks within city limits of Tulsa or Owasso. No permits are sold in those communities.

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