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Mexican Flavor Can Improve Your Grilling

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Are you tired of having the same old meals, at your family cook outs?

Well, a world famous chef from Oklahoma, says you might find some inspiration south of the border.

Rick Bayless is known for his TV show and restaurants the feature special Mexican dishes.

He says the street vendors in Mexico grill all kinds of things

But they often set their foods apart, with the salsas and guacamole they serve as condiments.

Bayless say a good avocado recipe can make a routine family meal very special.

Make sure you have a ripe avocado.

It takes about a week for one to go from rock hard, to ready to eat.

Touch it on the wide end, if it gives a little it's ready.

Bayless likes to mash his, but leave it a little chunky.

He says you can turn it into your own dish, by putting in any ingredients you like.

Think of tomato, onion, garlic, cilantro, and green chile with a squeeze of lime and salt.

You can also grill some corn, chilies and tomatios.

Then you chop them up for your avocado mix.

The process invites improvising, so you can put in whatever suits your fancy.

Once you guacamole is finished, you can keep it from going brown.

Just put plastic wrap directly on the mix, with no air in between.

Then put it in the coldest part of you fridge.

Whey you're ready to use it, a squeeze of lime will make it taste nice and fresh.

Bayless also suggests grilling Mexican style meats.

It may sound intimidating, but in most cases you make a simple marinade and then grill whenever it suits you.

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