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Cut Costs When Watering Your Yard

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With our sudden run of hot weather, it won't be long before people are turning on their sprinklers.

During a hot Oklahoma summer it takes a lot of care, to keep their lawns and flower beds from going brown.

So we talked with an expert, about what can be done to save a little on your water bill.

Master Gardener and Landscaper, Joe Lamp'l, says we should go with native varieties when we plant trees and bushes in our yards.

If we mimic what mother nature, we'll have a landscape that can survive the extreme conditions of Oklahoma.

Plus, native plants need less irrigation.

If your planting or replanting a lawn, there are new drought tolerant grass varieties.

Seed, from companies like Pennington, can require far less water.

You can save as much as 30% of irrigation costs.

As far as water goes, an inch of water a week should be enough.

In general, there are more problems from over watering than under watering.

Plus, make sure your sprinkler system is actually getting the water on the grass.

If the heads aren't adjusted right as much as 50% of sprinkler water can blow away .

Also water in the early morning hours.

Lamp'l suggests having it done between 4:00 and 8:00 am.

He also says make sure you don't have a lot of bad connections on hoses and faucets.

A faucet that looses just one drop per second 3000 gallons a year.

Nationally that's billions of gallons of waste.

Also don't over fertilize.

A health lawn can help to crowd our weeds and crab grass, but using too many chemicals can lead to a lot of extra mowing.

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