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Properties Are Up For Sale Due To Delinquent Tax

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This week, counties are auctioning off properties. It's an effort to collect delinquent tax dollars. The Tulsa Convention Center is full of citizens this week, trying to cash in on property for a small investment. It is an effort by the county to recover property tax that has been overlooked for too long.

The county has produced a 200 page booklet, full of properties up for auction.  Some will go for less than a hundred dollars and others will go for a few thousand bucks. 

An auctioneer rambles off numbers and properties to an audience ready to make the buy. We checked out one home that an investor bought for $6300.

Many of the properties have homes on the land. Citizens have saved and planned to be part of the for their own reasons. Some are interested in a residence for themselves. Others realized this is a chance to become a landlord, or to even flip a house for an investment.

LaRhonda and Valencia Storey are a mother and daughter that we found  researching properties and making phone calls, preparing to buy at least two houses. They have ideas to start their own empire.

"To actually try to have some cash flow. My girls want to start a bigger business. And this would be a good way to get the capital for that," explained LaRhonda, who says she feels empowered. 

The property sale will go on until every parcel is sold.

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