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Stop Teenagers From Texting And Driving

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Every year in this country, more than 3000 people die in accidents caused by distracted drivers.

Wrecks involving teenagers who were texting, increased by a full 20% in 2012.

So there's a national campaign underway, to get them to put down their phones when they're behind the wheel.

It's called "Thumbwars" and it take a unique approach.

Naomi Hirabayashi of, says it's intended to get kids, to police each other.

"I think a lot of campaigns focus on the parents as a mechanism to get through to the young people, Where in this case we're focused directly on the young people."

She also says that many efforts have focused on fear, but that's only helpful in the short term.

Teenagers know texting and driving is wrong, but peer pressure can easily overcome that knowledge.

Their campaign is aimed at getting teenagers to talk among themselves about the problem.

They can go to and sign up to get two pairs of free thumb socks.

The idea is for them to keep one pair and share the other with a friend.

The thumb socks are funny and physically prevent texting while they're being worn.

Hirabayashi says, last year, 62% of kids changed their behavior, as a result of getting thumb socks

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