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Baby has minor injuries, men cited for shooting guns in city

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(KATV) A three month old baby was brushed by a bullet in Benton on Mother's Day Sunday night. The family says they could hear shots in the distance, but then they actually heard a bullet headed their direction through the trees. Fortunately, the injury was considered so minor, the ambulance was canceled.

It happened about 6:30, Sunday evening. The incident is being investigated. Right now it is considered an accident.

South Neeley Street is in the Benton city limits, but the thick trees between homes and gravel roads gives the feeling you're all alone. Lt. Kevin Russell says, "It is definitely a strange case. It is not something we see everyday thankfully and we're thankful it's not any worse than it was."

Lt. Russell says two men on Huntley Road were shooting guns. A family in the distance on Neeley Street, in the direction of the bullets says they heard something coming through the trees. Within seconds the 3 month old baby in his father's arm started crying.  The heat from the bullet left a red welt on the baby; the bullet fell near the father's feet.

Lt. Russell says, "Fortunately it was not very serious and the child didn't receive any kind of medical care or transported or anything like that."

Police found the men, who apologized. They reportedly had a rifle, a 22 handgun and an AK 47. The men were cited because you can't legally shoot a gun in the city limits. "Of course most gun owners are responsible and they know they have to be responsible for where every round will go so I think they learned a valuable lesson from this."

The men were cited and will have to appear in court. Lt. Russell says, "Just like anyone, they have due process. So they will have their day in court. If they are found guilty, yes, they will face a fine."

The baby's grandmother says he is doing well.

There is a possibility the men could face charges, but it hasn't come up yet. The investigation is still on-going.