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CAW to flush water lines, may discolor water

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Central Arkansas Water (CAW) customers may notice their tap water is not clear Monday. The utility company will flush water mains in the Cantrell Road area. The flushing may cause discoloration at the customers tap. It is not harmful.

Utility crews will flush water mains in an area bounded by the Arkansas River on the north; Fox Croft Road on the east; Lantern Hill Road on the south; and Interstate 430 on the west. CAW will complete the flushing Tuesday. Crews are working during business hours Monday and Tuesday to pose as little inconvenience as possible to customers.

The project is a phase of CAW's uni-directional flushing program. Over time manganese builds up on the walls of the water main. The buildup can reduce the diameter of the pipe, affecting water flow.

While it is safe to use the water, CAW does not recommend doing laundry. The discoloration may stain clothing. The company advises customers to check their washing machines before doing laundry during daylight hours Monday and Tuesday.

The utility has a special detergent available that removes the stains from fabric for customers who mistakenly washed in the discolored water. For more information on that detergent, call the Customer Service Center at 501-372-5161.

If customers notice discoloration at their tap, CAW says to run a cold-water tap for two to three minutes to clear the water. If it doesn't clear up after an hour, call CAW at 501-377-1239.