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Clarksville 6-year-old in critical condition after attempted kidnapping

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Johnson County (KATV) - A six-year-old Johnson County girl is in critical condition after being stabbed in an attempted kidnapping. The girl and two others were stabbed Friday morning by a relative.

Around 3:45 Friday morning 21-year-old Kou Her broke into the family's home. Shortly after relatives found him in the girl's bedroom. When the other two in the home tried to remove the suspect he began stabbing them with a large knife and a pair of scissors.

The two adults suffered injuries, one a deep cut in the arm and the other to his finger. The little girl suffered the most serious injury with a stab wound behind her ear. She was medflighted to Arkansas Children's Hospital and is in critical condition.

"They haven't lived down there maybe just a couple, three years," said Darrin Phillips, a neighbor. "They kind of stay to themselves. I've met them a time or two. They seem like friendly people. This is a small community nothing like this every goes on around here."

Her is being charged with three counts of second degree battery, attempted kidnapping and attempted murder.