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New report praises Arkansas program helping parents to complete college degrees

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A major hurdle to any low income parent wanting to complete an associate's degree or undergraduate degree is finding affordable childcare.

American Association of University Women (AAUW) is praising Arkansas in a report released Thursday for a state program that's working to solve this problem. Career Pathways Initiative (CPI) offers a variety of services at all 22 community and technical colleges in the state, including helping find childcare.

The report states:

"Outcomes for CPI students compared with those of other Arkansas community college students suggest that the program is effective in helping students earn degrees and certificates. For example, among students who enrolled at an Arkansas community college in fall 2010, almost 40 percent withdrew by the next year, compared with only about a quarter of CPI students. To date, thousands of students, most of whom are mothers, have enrolled and completed more than 17,000 certificates and associate degrees through the CPI program."

The report, AAUW's "Women in Community Colleges: Access to Success," identifies other difficulties women face in a world where analysts predict that soon nearly two out of every three jobs will require some post secondary education.

To read the full report, click here.