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Facial hair & your love life: What your mustache, goatee, beard or stubble says about you

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Facial hair is hot right now and a study done by Match.com shows the hair on a man's face may indicate what's in his heart. 

The dating site surveyed hundreds of men and woman on all things facial hair and their findings just might surprise you.

A handsome devil with a hairy upper lip is obviously quite striking, but only eight percent of the women surveyed actually find mustaches attractive. 

Mustachioed men, however, consider themselves Casanovas.  They're by far the most likely to kiss on a first date. 

You might look suave like a man with a goatee but rocking one can send an interesting message to the ladies.  Match.com says goateed guys move fast and are the most likely to jump from one short relationship to another. 

But bearded men are by far the shyest group with women.  In fact only 16 percent of single bearded men surveyed had asked someone out in the last year which is by far the lowest total. 

The survey claims stubbly men are generally hopeless romantics with 85 percent believing in love at first sight. 

However, perhaps the best facial hair is no facial hair.  Sixty percent of the ladies surveyed say they prefer a clean shaven man.