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Death and taxes...the only two things Benjamin Franklin famously said are certain in life.

More than a decade after doing his first Seven-On-Your-Side report on Chester Sanders, we are ready to add two more certainties to life's list.

First, it seems certain that we'll get more complaints and do more stories on Mabelvale Automotive.

And second, it seems certain that Chester Sanders will get more customers anyway.

Earlier this month there was a big fight outside Mabelvale Automotive.

According to a Little Rock police report, one man jumped in because he saw the shop's owner "...Mr. (Chester) Sanders hitting Ms. J. Branch like a man."

Two women involved had "...scratch marks on the face." One complained of "...ear problems."

And "Mr. Sanders had a swollen face, busted lip and busted nose."

Like one of the women in this fight, LaFarrah Stricklin is an unhappy customer of Mabelvale Automotive.

She paid Sanders $1,300.00 to rebuild her engine and put in a new radiator.

Less than two months later her car broke down on the interstate.

"Chester tried to tell me that me that my motor locked up due to me not putting no oil back in the car," says Stricklin. "But he had just fixed the car...and the oil...a month before it stopped."

"There's no way that car should not be running based on this," says mechanic John Coleman while looking at a receipt for the work Sanders was paid to do. "That's the bottom line."

Coleman says Stricklin's car does not have a new radiator. And he says it appears black spray paint was used on her engine...apparently to make it look different or improved.

"Don't ever take your car to Chester Sanders," warns Stricklin. "He will screw you. He don't know how to talk to people. He is very rude. You know when I tried to go up there and tell him my manifolds were loose he cussed at me. Told me he wasn't fixin' nothing. He's just a bad businessman period."

And one more life certainty: no comment today from Mr. Sanders.

Air date: April 17th, 2013