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Big Refund and New Law

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Malvern/Little Rock -

Sometimes the drama that plays out in our Seven-On-Your-Side reports lasts for weeks and sometimes is lasts for months.

In this update we have an example of each.

We have two positive developments to impacts one family while the other will impact an entire community.

"Where is her money?"

That is a question we asked Don Davidson when we found him at his home between Malvern and Hot Springs.

"I'll have to get it," Davidson replied. "I'm gonna take care of her."


"Right away," Davidson said.

"Define right away."

"As soon as I possibly can," Davidson answered.

"A month? Two weeks?"

"A month at most," Davidson assured us.

"A month at most?"

"Yes sir," he said.

It was an uncomfortable encounter for Don Davidson back on March 14th as we questioned him about a job he was paid to do last summer...a job that he never even started.

The conversation ended with a promise to repay the full amount...$7,000.00...within a month.

"I can't believe Don would do us like this," recalled Exie Carroll of Malvern. "And I wish he would come on and bring the money because...I really liked his work. But now...I'm afraid."

Well Monday evening Ms. Carroll called and was happy to report that Davidson did keep his word and refunded her money.

But not everybody does the right thing when caught doing the wrong thing. Sometimes greater steps are necessary. And here is an example.

A bill requiring all interpreters for the deaf hired by the state to be licensed passed the House Tuesday and is on its way to Governor Beebe. Many states already mandate such qualifications.

We learned last year that Arkansas wasn't one of them after Arkansas Rehabilitation Services and Agency Director Bill Walker hired an interpreter with no sign language license or degree and questionable signing ability.

Air date: April 16th, 2013