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Investigators Release Report on Downed Tulsa Aircraft

Federal investigators say a private jet from Tulsa bounced off an airport runway several times before it crashed into nearby homes in northern Indiana last month.

The findings are included in a preliminary National Transportation Safety Board report released Friday on the March 17 crash in South Bend.

   Read the Full Report from the NTSB

The plane originating from Jones Riverside Airport crashed into three South Bend homes Sunday, killing former Oklahoma quarterback Steve Davis and his friend, Wes Caves. Davis and Caves were the jet's flight crew.

The NTSB says the jet was descending to an airport runway when the pilot radioed that he had lost power and hydraulics. He tried to land with only the main landing gear extended.

Witnesses said the plane bounced several times on the runway before it climbed and then crashed into three homes in a nearby neighborhood.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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