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Organized Chaos: Starting Spring Cleaning With Dusting

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Spring is just about here, and with it comes the annual chore of cleaning house in time for the new season.

On Tuesday's Good Morning Oklahoma, Amy Bates of Merry Maids Tulsa showed us how to get started with dusting.

"About of the dirt in your house walks in through the door on people's feet," she said. "The right kind of mats placed inside and out of all entrances will help cut down on cleaning time. A professional (walk-off) mat at the entrances of businesses should be four strides long. Vacuum mats regularly or shake them outside."

What you’ll need:

Microfiber or damp cloths – to pick dust up rather than moving it around.

Long handle broom or dust mop to reach high places, feather dusters work for cobwebs and hard to reach places like ceiling fans and curtain rods.

Dryer sheets for baseboards – cuts down the static and helps keep dust away. Also leaves a nice fragrance.

Vaccum – with clean bag and filter

Dusting products:

For wood surfaces: dry or damp cloth or a lemon oil and water mix

For glass surfaces: damp cloth with vinegar and water

Where to start:

Dust from top to bottom and move clockwise or counterclockwise through the room.

Don’t forget: ceiling fan blades, tops of door frames, furniture legs, behind drapes, & light bulbs (Dirty light bulbs burn up faster than a clean light bulb.)

Vacuum or mop up to get dust that may have fallen on the floor while dusting other surfaces.

Extra tips:

Remember after dusting – Do NOT use fabric softener in the laundry when washing microfiber cloths. Fabric softeners cause the fibers to be ineffective.

Why not use store bought dusting wipes? You have to use several wipes to do one room and it creates a lot of waste. The wipes are not textured to grab the dust as well as microfiber cloths.

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