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Spring Break Travel is Underway at the Tulsa International Airport

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Spring Break kicks off next week for many area schools and some families have already started their vacation.

"We are going to Egypt," Michael Lau says. 

The Lau family has been planning this trip for quite some time and arrived early to the airport.

"I made sure to have bars and food just in case. On the plane, I will buy a bottle of water so in case anything happens if we are on the runway for a long time," Ronda Lau says. 

Being prepared will be the best plan for travelers this weekend, because pretty much every flight in Tulsa will be full. Tulsa International Airport Spokesperson, Alexis Higgins suggest travelers leaving before 7 a.m. should arrive two hours before their departure time. 

All other travelers should arrive 90 minutes before. The Transportation Security Administration did announce last week that certain knives will be allowed on planes, but that new rule doesn't go into affect until April 25. 

TIA will have extra staff on hand during the early morning hours to get travelers through security as quickly as possible. Airlines have already said they are busier during this time of the year and traveling families are glad they are getting out on Thursday to avoid any problems or delays. 

"You don't want to miss your spring break," says Ronda. 

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