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A Mother's Quest For Justice Hits Two Year Mark

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Two years ago, on the day his body was found, the agony was instantly recognizable in her voice.

"I don't want him to be gone," said Chanda Gilbert, mother of Blayne Davis.

Even then, before anything was really known about what happened, Ms. Gilbert was suspicious.

"I think there's foul play, I think there's definitely something," she said in 2010. 

A year would pass, with the questions and torment continuing.

"Yeah, it's just everyday a heartache, and you just think that one day your body's got to run out out of tears, but it never stops," she said in 2011.

And now, another year later, the sorrow and suspicion persist.

"Oh I'm still convinced he was murdered," she said.

Authorities have described it as a difficult case, with no arrests, and not a lot of talking from the only two people who were with Blayne at the lake.

"I believe there was some type of altercation," said his mother.

With his body found near the water, most people assume he drowned, but his mother says the autopsy report reads differently.

"There's a paragraph on the back that says if and when any evidence surfaces then they will change the cause of death," she said.

Disappointed with the investigation efforts of the Osage County sheriffs department, she's reached out for additional help.

"I've even called the FBI, I've called OSBI," she said.

But so far, no luck. But that certainly hasn't stopped her from tirelessly investigating on her own, prompting the mother of one of the boys who was with her son at the lake to say she was on a witch hunt.

"It's not a witch hunt, it's justice for my boy," she said.

If you have any information about the death of Blayne Davis call the Osage County Sheriff's department at 918-287-3535.

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