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Reasor's Offers New "Anti-Meth" Cold Medicine

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Zephrex-D Zephrex-D

A local grocery store chain is joining the fight against meth.

They're offering a medicine that can't be used for the drug.

Starting Wednesday, all 17 Reasor's locations are now carrying Zephrex-D.

It's a cold and sinus medication that has a tamper-resistant formula. That means its ingredients can't be used to create meth.

Reasor's is the first in the community to offer the new medicine, but they hope to start a trend.

"To be able to bring a product that legitimate people need and is also a product that cannot be used to make the methamphetamine," says Reasor's pharmacist Andy Becker. "It's going to have a large impact on our community."

Even though it can't be used for meth, under current state laws you still have to sign for it.

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