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Concern Over Gun Rights Spurs Continuing Sales

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The firing range is an important source of revenue for the folks at Tulsa Firearms, much more so than the sale of guns, which is a good thing, because there aren't a lot of guns to sell.

"It has never been like this, no," said Curtis Leos

The display cases are stunningly bare, a clear indicator of just how worried folks are about gun rights.

"Oklahoma is a very positive place to be for a gun owner," said Larry Pratt, president of Gun Owners of America, with a membership some 300,000 strong. His take on the political climate?

"I don't see the votes in the Congress to ban any kind of firearm, any kind of magazine," he said.

As for the political climate in Tulsa?

"I feel like I am the real one that is truly for protecting the second amendment," said Tulsa mayoral candidate Bill Christiansen, weighing on the hot button topic.

"Although the mayor really doesn't have anything to do with federal legislation, I think the mayor should participate in defending the rights of the citizens of Tulsa," he said.

Rights for which Pratt says his organization would not support any restrictions. As to what they would support?

"We would be very comfortable with increased funding for mental health treatment, we want to draw a cautionary line, is that there not, that because somebody has a diagnosis not in and of itself be reason for keeping them from having a gun," he said.

A high powered topic, especially in T-town, where before you know it, it'll be high noon for a certain mayoral race.

"I'm left handed, just remember that OK, cause that could be important to you someday," laughed Christiansen.

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