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Sex Slave Bust Nets 7 Suspects

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FBI news conference in downtown Tulsa today FBI news conference in downtown Tulsa today

Seven people are sentenced for human trafficking.

"Operation Poker Chip" is being called the biggest bust ever in northeastern Oklahoma.

Agents say, women were smuggled into the U.S. and forced into sex slavery.

Brothels were located in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Houston, and other cities.   

One of the victims, who was pregnant, tipped off authorities, which led to a raid in East Tulsa.

Agents say, she was promised a job waiting tables, but spent 8 years as a sex slave.

Special Agent James Spence with the FBI says, "Soon after she arrived, she learns that there is no job in any restaurant. There is no salary that she could send home. Instead, she was beaten. She was threatened. And her family was threatened if she were to try and leave." 

Oklahoma remains a top stop for human trafficking because of its location.

Three major interstates run through Oklahoma City.

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